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Terms & Conditions for Healers

What is AskHealer?

AskHealer is a global platform designed to establish connections between seekers and healers community. Seekers can choose healers as per their needs and book appointments directly with their selected healers.
Important Note: AskHealer is the next generation of online consulting marketplace. We act as a venue to allow our users who comply with these Terms to offer, sell, and buy services listed on the Platform. Although seekers may want to contact healers and undertake healing sessions in exchange of some fees and charges. AskHealer is not in any way in involved in such transactions. As a result, and as discussed in more detail in these Terms, you hereby acknowledge and agree that AskHealer is not a party to such transactions, has no control over any element of such transactions, and shall have no liability to any party in connection with such transactions. You use the Service and the Platform at your own risk.

Terms of use:

These terms and conditions are applied to those users who use this platform as a healer capacity. We give our 100% to provide excellent services to our users. Our team works day and night to make AskHealer user friendly to the best possible. By using this platform you agree the terms & conditions. We made some rules for our healers:
  • Healer's age shouldn't be less than 18 years. If AskHealer believes that healer is less than 18 years of age their healer registration will be terminated immediately.
  • If they want to share their info with seekers via this platform then they can subscribe to the upgraded plans which also allow you to share website listing, event, webinar, workshop promotions etc.
  • Healers are not allowed to share the personal info of any seeker with anyone, which was communicated to them for the purpose of healing.
  • If any of our healers does something which is objectionable as a result seekers provide negative feedback, in this situation, their registration / logins can be blocked immediately and intimation will be provided.
  • Healers are encouraged to provide services only on the non-emergency matters.
  • Healers are not allowed to provide or attempt to provide healing service or advice to seekers in which they are not qualified.
  • If AskHealer receives any complaint from seeker against any healer that they left the session midway without any reason or they use abusive language during video session then strict action will be taken against the healer.
  • AskHealer requests its healers not to share their AskHealer log in credentials. In case they do, they are fully responsible for all activities occurred through their account.
  • AskHealer does not charge commission fee from either parties. Once the session is confirmed, healers should explain the payment mode (unless it is a free session) to the seekers. There is no role of AskHealer to process these payments and we don't have any control over such transactions. AskHealer will not responsible for any error occur during such transactions. Hence, users use the services and the platform at your own risk and responsibility.
  • By using this platform if any user sends any offensive or abusive content, images or videos to seekers through chat then they are solely responsible for such act. The account of such healer will be blocked permanently.
  • By using this platform healers agree that they provide only those healings in which they are specialized and they do not upload any kind of misleading / false certificates during registrations.
  • Healers agree that they don't harm the website by uploading any file that contains software viruses or any other computer code or programs designed to interrupt, destroy the functionality of website.
  • AskHealer does not allow their healers to post or share any content which is not related to healing. AskHealer reserves the right to remove such content without any notice to the healer.

Modification and Termination of Terms and Services.

AskHealer reserves the right to modify and terminate any of its terms and services temporarily or permanently at any time. An email will send to you if any change or modification is going to occur in future, so you may keep yourself updated with the changes in our terms and services. AskHealer on its own can cancel any healer's registration for any objectionable reason and decline their all current or future use of this platform. Their information will be immediately removed from this platform.

Pricing & plans:

All subscription purchases made by healers will be billed through this platform. By using this platform, healers agree to the terms & conditions of pricing & plans. All charges on AskHealer are shown in "US" dollars and you will be charged in "US" dollars. "Healers" may choose any of the subscription type anytime.
AskHealer reserves the right to modify the offered subscription pricing & plans at any time. An email will sent to all the healers registered on this platform related to the changes in pricing & plans.


By using this platform "Healers" agree to cancellation policy. Healers can cancel their subscription anytime and AskHealer won't charge for the following month.

AskHealer has the right to change the terms of cancellation and refund policy anytime an email will be sent to users if any modification will occur in future regarding terms of cancellation policy.

If you have any query related to terms and conditions feel free to email us at support@askhealer.com.