: A marketplace designed to connect seekers with healers.
AskHealer is an online platform which aids seekers to put their lives back on track. It is the medium whereby seekers can select healers and therapists as per their needs and connect to them comfortably. World's finest healers and therapists render you with the excellent services to supervise your health, wealth, love, career etc. AskHealer aims to make your life happy, healthy, and peaceful. We guarantee you the maximum% satisfaction. WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?
A dear gift by the great almighty to mankind. One should be obliged to eternal almighty for this beautiful present and feel its pleasure. However, today's bitter truth is that despite enjoying this priceless gift, we waste most of our time in negative thoughts. As a matter of which, excessive work stress augments and lest a lot of our time with family. This heads us to depression, anxiety, deficiency in health and relationships. OUR OBJECTIVE
Our goal is to inject the dose of happiness in the life of every single human being on this planet. We would wish to vanish stress from everyone's life with the power of distance healing. We just desire of making this world an adequate place to live.
We carefully select our healers who are undoubtedly skillful in practicing various healing techniques and therapies like Physiotherapy, Crystal Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Astrology, Reiki, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Theta Healing, Chakra Healing, Past Life Regression, Dream Analyst, Palm Reader and many more.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Agreement

AskHealer is a global platform designed to establish a connection between a person looking for spiritual healing or to obtain some answers to their questions (Hereinafter “Seeker”) and a person who alleviates seekers’ distress using his healing powers (Hereinafter “Healer) community. Seekers can choose healers as per their needs and book appointments directly with their selected healers from this very platform or may choose to contact healers on their own using contact information mentioned on AskHealer.

The platform and Service provided to you are subject to the following AskHealer terms of use. These terms of use are applicable to each and every person who uses or access this platform by any means, including browsing the Platform, sending e-mail, responding to any request or other content, connecting with other seekers or healers, or otherwise. And you agree to comply with these terms by using our services. Also, these terms can be updated or changed anytime without any prior notice. Hereby you understand and agree that only you are responsible for keeping yourself updated of all the terms and conditions mentioned here. In case, you don’t agree to any term or condition mentioned in this section in any way; you should discontinue using AskHealer immediately. Though your suggestions and requests are always welcome, AskHealer reserves the right to make any change in the terms at any point of time at its sole discretion.

Description Of Service And Policy

AskHealer is a next-generation online platform that connects the Seekers to its registered Healers. You can find Healers specialized in Akashic Record Healing, Aloha Meditation, Angel Reading, Astrology, Aura Healing, Chakra, Crystal Healing, Dream Analysis, Emotion/Body Code, Energy, Face Reading, Fortune Teller, Hypnotherapy, Mudra Healing, Numerology, Pranic Healing Pyramid Vastu, and many others in your native language or English. Healers and Seekers can register themselves on the platform to connect with each other. You (i.e. seekers or healers) will not be able to conduct payment transactions through the platform; it means AskHealer is not involved in such transactions in any way. Thus hereby you acknowledge and agree that AskHealer has no part in such transactions, has no control over any part of such transaction and shall not be liable to any party regarding any transaction. You agree to use the Service and the Platform at your own risk.

Though we make our best efforts to crosscheck the information given by the Healers before registration, you understand the AskHealer does not control and is not responsible in any way for information provided by the Seekers and Healers, message between users, including and not limited to e-mails, calls, video chats made through or outside from AskHealer platform. The platform also does not take responsibility of any offerings made by Seekers or Healers, comments, user posts, images, or any other material made available by the registered users through the Platform, and also that by using the Platform, you may come across such content that may be offensive to some believes, inaccurate, misleading or objectionable otherwise. You hereby understand and agree that you are solely responsible for and must bear all the risks associated with, that under no circumstances will AskHealer be liable in any way for any given information or any kind of damage or loss incurred as a result of using the services listed on the platform or otherwise associated with AskHealer. You understand and agree that AskHealer does prescreen or approve some content on the website but not all, and that AskHealer reserves the sole right to refuse, change or delete any given content that is present on the platform for violating the Terms of Use or for no reason at all, without any prior notice. Also, the Content available on the Platform may contain links to the Third Party Websites e.g. websites, PayPal, which are not related to AskHealer in any way. Henceforth, when you visit those Third Party Websites, you may be subject to those Websites’ Terms of Use and other Policies. AskHealer does not represent or guarantee the authenticity of the information that any of the Third Party Website contains. Thus, your visit to any other website is not recorded or guided by the AskHealer, and you agree to visit the other websites completely at your own risk.

You understand and agree that you and you alone are responsible for the content you post on, communicated through or linked with the Service and Platform, such as the content you upload, e-mail to someone or present otherwise through the Service and the consequences of posting and linking it. While posting such content, you acknowledge and affirm that: you own and shall continue to own the required rights, consents, licenses and permission to use the content on the platform for the whole time, the content is available on the Platform, including and not limited to patents, copyright in any content posted by you. You also authorize AskHealer to use the Content to enable inclusions, use of the Content as planned by the Platform and these Terms. You also confirm that you have the written consent and permission of each and every individual person in order to include their names in the content you are using or otherwise. However, when you submit any Content on the Platform, you hereby give AskHealer non-cancellable, all-inclusive, irreversible, royalty-free, transferable license to use, repost, reproduce, display and prepare un-original work of the Content you posted on and in connection with the Platform in order to display and host your content including and not limited for the purpose of promoting the Platform and Content and imitative works therein that too in any media formats and through any media channels now and anytime in the future without intimation. The information or the Content may be edited by you at any time. You also grant access your Content to each and every user of the Platform and the right to contact you based on the information provided by you on the Platform until you remove that information. Also, you grant the right to AskHealer to make available the information and Content to any third party to contact you.

AskHealer as a Platform does not promote any Content or any statement, opinion or advice expressed therein and AskHealer is not liable for anything related to the users’ Content. AskHealer does not grant permission to add any copyright violation activity on the Platform and reserves the rights to remove any such content if notified about such activity without any prior notice. AskHealer, as an action against such activities, may terminate the account and access of a user to the Platform if necessary. However, AskHealer reserves the sole right to decide whether the Content is appropriate or not and complies with these Terms.


You agree not to post, email, host, display, upload, modify, publish, share any information on the site or otherwise make available Content that:

a) Is violated by any law or regulation,
b) Is copyrighted or otherwise subjected to third party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you have permission from their rightful owner to post the content and to grant AskHealer all of the license rights granted herein,
c) Is abusive, unlawful, harmful in any way, threatening, harassing or racial towards any individual or group on the basis of religion, race, gender, age, ethnicity, or disability; invasive of another’s privacy or other rights, ethnically objectionable, or could harm minors in any way or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatsoever,
d) Threatens the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or any other country, friendly relations with foreign states, or is insulting any nation,
e) Reveals personal or identifying information about any other person without his/her written consent,
f) Imitates any person or object, including and not limited to AskHealer employee, or otherwise falsely represents any association with a person, object or entity,
g) Is false, misleading, deceptive, deluding, or create collusion offer,
h) Contains any misleading or referral scheme or link leading to chain or pyramid schemes, affiliate marketing or otherwise advertisements of a commercial nature,
i) Includes links to any commercial services or Third Party Website, except the ones specifically allowed by AskHealer,
j) Advertises any illegal services or sale of any item or product,
k) Contains software viruses or computer code, programmes or files that interrupt or destroy the functionality of any user’s computer in any way (software or hardware) including and not limited to telecommunication equipment and other computer resources,
l) Includes misleading email addresses, or otherwise manipulating attribute to mislead or falsely present the origin of Content transmitted through the Service,
m) Negatively affects another users’ ability to use the Service by sending an excessive number of messages to the Service or a particular user.

Along with this, you also agree not to:
n) Contact any person who has asked not to be contacted, or contact any user to stalk or otherwise harass anyone, or to post any advertisement on behalf of you or Third Party Website for any commercial purpose,
o) Post or comment slanderously to or against anyone,
p) Collect or use anyone’s personal data or entities for commercial purpose without the consent of that person or otherwise unlawful purpose,
q) Use automated means and tools, including robots, crawlers, spiders, or the likes to scrape or download data from the Service, excluding Internet search engines, such as Google, and non-commercial public archives,
r) Post Content that is not relevant to the Service, repeatedly post the same or analogous Content, or otherwise post unreasonable data on the Platform or other infrastructure,
s) Attempt to access to computer systems controlled or owned by AskHealer illegally or without authorization, or engage in any activity that disrupts, impairs or compromises with the quality of the performance or functionality of the Platform or the Service,

Any Content that you upload on the Platform or other infrastructure owned by AskHeaker shall be subject to relevant laws and may be disabled or/and may be investigated under appropriate laws. Moreover, if you are found to be in non-compliance with the laws and regulations, these Terms of Use and the Platform’s privacy policy in any way, AskHealer reserves the right to delete such Content, may terminate your account, and block your access to the Platform.

Paid Service OR Membership

Signing up as a Healer on AskHealer is free. AskHealer may charge a fee if you opt for “Paid Service.” The fee permits certain features that are not offered to those who opt for free service. Each Platform user posting Content to the Service is responsible for their Content and compliance with the Terms. Paid Services are subject to the Terms of Use mentioned here.

Access to the Service

AskHealer provides you a limited, non-exclusive license to access and use the Service as a Seeker and a Healer for personal use and not on other’s behalf. This access granted herein does not include – use the Service for Posting Agents, or any collection, copying, duplication, plagiaristic use of the Service, or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools for any purpose. However, general purpose internet search engines and non-commercial archives that gather information for public use for displaying hyperlinks to the Service may engage in the activities set forth. The license outlined in this Section allows you to display on your website or blog, or create a hyperlink onto individual postings on the Service for a non-commercial use like personal blogs or/and news and online media reporting purposes. Your use will be considered to be violating these Terms if the number of postings displayed on or linked to your website exceeds a set limit unless AskHealer permits you to display the information on your website. You are also allowed to display and create a hyperlink to the home page of the Platform only if the link and Content on your website do not present AskHealer, its Healers or Seekers, other affiliates, employees in a misleading, false, violent, or otherwise offensive matter. Using the Service other than stated and permitted in these Terms will terminate the permission and license granted herein at once. If you want to collect, copy, imitate, display, or use the Service or the Content on the Service for commercial or any other purpose not mentioned here, you must take permission from AskHealer in writing.

Claims of Violations

AskHealer is not liable for any non-compliance of intellectual property rights arising out of Content posted on or transmitted through the Platform, by the users or any other third parties.

If you believe that any Content available through the Platform infringes upon your intellectual property right as an owner or the ones’ on whose behalf you are authorized to act, you may notify AskHealer along with a request to delete the given Content. Here, it is necessary that you have the proofs to provide to AskHealer if asked.

Intellectual Property Rights

You understand and agree that the material on the Platform, other than the User Content that you licensed above in the Terms, including and not limited to the text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, interactive features and others are owned by or licensed to AskHealer, and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. The Material provided on the Platform is for your information and personal use only, and you are not supposed to use, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, broadcast or sell, or exploit in any other way for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the owners (Healer or Seeker). If you print a copy of the given material or use it for personal use, you are bound to retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights mentioned therein. You understand and accept not to avoid, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Platform that restrict you to use or copy any Material on the Platform. The Platform and the service is protected to the maximum level by copyright and other laws. The content displayed on the Platform or through the Service is protected by copyright as a collective work. Any imitation, reproduction, of the website or the Material therein, is prohibited. You agree not to decompile or otherwise try to discover any source code contained in the Service or the Platform.

User Submissions

By using the Platform, you understand that you will come across the Content from several sources, and AskHealer is not responsible in any way for the accuracy, safety, usefulness of the Content and you accept all liabilities for your use. You further understand and agree that if you come across or exposed to any Content that is inaccurate, offensive, objectionable, or defamatory, you agree to waive and will waive any legal or equitable rights you may have against AskHealer with respect thereto.


You agree to defend and hold harmless to AskHealer, its affiliates, assigns, directors, service providers, and employees, against any claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including and not limited to fees paid to Healers) arising from your use of and access to the Platform and/or the Service; your violation of any of these Terms including and not limited to any copyright or other property, or privacy right or any claim related to your Content causing or has caused damage to a third party.

No Spam Policy

You acknowledge and accept that you are not allowed to send unsolicited email advertisements or other communications to AskHealer email addresses or through AskHealer computer systems according to these Terms. You understand and agree that AskHealer may monitor email usage to flag the words associated with spam in the emails that are sent between the Healers and the Seekers in the AskHealer mail system. When you communicate with the other user using the communication features available on the Platform, you agree to use it in accordance with these Terms. If you fail to do so, it will be considered as the violation of these Terms and the applicable laws and may subject you or your agents to civil and criminal penalties.

Dealings with Organizations and Individuals

You understand and agree that AskHealer shall not be liable for any of your interaction with any organizations or/and individuals on the Platform or through the service, be it Healer or Seeker. This includes and not limited to any payment made to others’ account and delivery of services, and any other terms or conditions associated with any interaction you may have with other organization or individual. You understand and agree that these dealings are between you and the organization or the individual and AskHealer shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred because of these transactions. If a dispute occurs between the participants, you acknowledge and agree that AskHealer shall not involve in such dispute and you release AskHealer and its officers, employees, agents, and successors from any claims and damages of every nature.

Limitation and Termination of Service

You understand and agree that AskHealer reserves the rights to modify, limit or terminate the Service (or any part of it) without any prior notice, and AskHealer is not liable for any such modification, limitation or termination of the Service to you or any third party. You understand that AskHealer has the sole right to delete or to deactivate your account, block you from accessing the Service without any prior notice for no reason or reason including and not limited to AskHealer’s belief that you have violated these Terms. Further, you agree that you would not attempt to use the Service after any such termination.

Disclaimer of Warranties

You understand and agree that you use the Platform and the Service entirely at your own risk and that the Service and Platform are provided to you ‘As Is’ without any prior warranty of any type. All implied warranties, including and not limited to the warranties of Fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed to the fullest extend permitted by Law. AskHealer makes no warranty about the accuracy of the Platform’s Content or the Content of any Third Party Website linked to the Platform or the Service. AskHealer also shall not assume any responsibility for any error, mistake or inaccuracy in the Content, Personal damage of any kind, resulting from your access to the Platform and/or Service, any unauthorized use of our Services or any personal or financial information stored therein, any bugs or viruses which may transmit through or to the Platform by any third party. AskHealer does not guarantee, endorse, or take responsibility for any service offered by the third party through the Platform. AskHealer shall not be involved or in any way responsible for monitoring any transaction between you and the other user. You should use your best judgement and exercise caution before taking any service through the Platform.

Limitations of Liabilities

AskHealer, its employees, under no circumstances be liable for direct, indirect, or any consequential damage to any of the user, including and not limited to the damage arises from the use or misuse of the Service or the Platform. This Limitation of Liability shall also be applicable to the damages caused by other service used through this Platform or due to any information or advice received through the Platform or the Service. These limitations shall be applicable on all the users to the fullest extend permitted by the law. You understand and agree that AskHealer shall not be liable for user’s illegal conduct and the risk or damage from the foregoing process is entirely on you. When you access or use the Platform from other Jurisdictions, do it at your own risk and you solely be responsible for the compliance with local Law.


These Terms and all the rights and licenses that are granted herein, may not be assigned or transferred by the Seeker and the Healer, but may be assigned by AskHealer without restriction. Any assignment or transfer by any user shall be void.

Ability to Accept Terms Of Service

This Platform is designed with the intention to help people lead a good life and is intended to be used by only adults. So, it is important that you are eligible to contract as per the applicable laws. You hereby understand and acknowledge that you legally authorized to use this Platform for yourself or as a representative of any person or entity. Any person under the age of 18 years shall not use the Platform or the Service without the approval of their legal representatives or unless it is a transaction that is usual and acceptable standard in civil life and practice. You agree that you are above 18 years or possess the legal guardian consent and that you are competent to enter into the terms and condition, obligations, and warranties set in these Terms. Also, in any case, you should not be below the age of 13 or you could not use the Platform as the Platform is not intended for children under 13 years of age. If the children under 13 years want to contact us, they may only do so through their legal guardian.

General Information

You completely understand and accept the Terms herein and other policies mentioned on the Platform as these Terms govern your use of the Service and the Platform. The Terms between you and AskHealer shall be governed by the laws of India. Any claims against AskHealer must be submitted to the jurisdiction courts of Rupnagar, Punjab India. If any provision of the Term is found to be invalid or inapplicable by a court of competence jurisdiction, including and not limited, because of the inconsistency with the laws of another jurisdiction of such provision, the parties still agree that the court should try to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision. Also, if any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid, illegal, or not applicable in a particular jurisdiction, the validity and legality of the remaining provisions of the Terms shall not be affected or be impaired in any way.

Privacy Policy

A. Data Collection
AskHealer is responsible for use, collection, and preservation of your personal information and data in the sense of Indian Data Protection Act) in accordance with Indian Standard.
B. Type of Information Collected
When you visit the Platform, AskHealer may collect certain information (non-personal) such as your IP address, operating system, browser type, and Internet service provider. This information is not personal and does not identify you personally. Now, when you register with the Platform, we may collect your personal information that you provide, like your name, e-mail address, mailing address, mobile number, place, gender, age, etc. along with certain other information. For the Healers, the information they provide shall display on their profile. And with this reference, you agree to receive communications on the provided mobile number and e-mail address from our side (may include and not limited to automated text messages and calls) and from the Seekers’ side. We use third party payment gateways for making payments from the Healers, and other third parties like Google Analytics to monitor site traffic, which may store your information in some cases. By using this Platform or/and Service, you approve us to collect, use, and store your personal information that you provide and any changes made later on in that information for any of the service that we offer through this Platform.
C. Cookies
We may use cookies to manage our users’ sessions and to store their preferences and tracking information. Cookies may be used even if you are not registered with us. “Cookies” are small text files transferred by a web server to your hard drive and then stored on your computer. Cookies collect a certain data including the date and time of your visit to the Platform, your browsing history, your preferences, your username, etc. Our third party service providers may use cookies on the Platform that is not controlled or accessed by us anyhow. This Privacy Policy covers only Cookies used by us and not the cookies used by the third party. You can accept or decline the use of cookies on your system. However, cookies enhance your experience on the Platform, and declining the use of cookies may limit your access to some features on the Platform.
D. Third Parties
We use third party service providers to assist us in improving our Platform and to monitor our users’ activities and interests. You hereby permit AskHealer and/or the third party service providers engaged by AskHealer to use, collect, store, reproduce, and publish the information in relation to your use of the Platform for data analysis purpose and for enhancing your experience on the Platform. Also, the Platform may contain links to Third-Party Sites and AskHealer shall not be responsible for any service availed by you from such third party. Any claims regarding the service should be directed by you to that third party only. When you click to the links to the Third-Party Website, you leave the Platform and we are not responsible for the content on these Third-Party Website or for the safety of your personal information. These third party websites may have their own privacy policies and we suggest that when you enter any third party site, you review their Privacy Policy as to safeguard your personal information.
E. How Your Information is Used
We may use the information provided by you to: monitor user activity, enforce our Terms of Use, more effectively manage the traffic on the Platform, manage user accounts, provide customer services, assist you with technical difficulties, etc. We may also share some information provided by you with the third party service providers, such as your browser info, your operating system, etc. in order to better understand your preferences. We may not allow users from certain countries to use the platform. We may also keep the information provided by you for as long as we require it to fulfil our business objective, even when you are no longer an active user on the Platform.
F. Protecting Your Personal Information
We value our customers, and we know that protecting your privacy is of great importance to you and us as well. And thus, we are committed to protecting the personal information that you provide us in different ways. We do not directly process any payment and so we do not store your credit card, or digital wallets information. SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology is used for the payment process and financial transactions with the third party service providers, such as PayPal, etc. Your registration information may be protected by a unique user ID and Password. In any case, you should not disclose your user name and password and it’s your responsibility to always log off from the system if you are sharing it with someone. You can also use the Platform as a non - registered user. We have taken certain measures to protect your personal information. While we strive to protect your personal information you provide, we cannot fully guarantee its security. Therefore you acknowledge and agree that we assume no liability regarding the theft, loss, alteration or misuse of your personal information or other content, including and not limited to the information shared with the third party services or other users. Also, you understand and agree that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password, and the use of your account, and whether you have authorized such use or not.
G. Accessing and Modifying Personal Information
You may access, modify, or remove your personal information that you have provided to us through any means. If you are a Healer, you have to register in order to use the Platform; however, if you are a seeker, you may use the Platform with or without registration. It is important to understand that if you register or use our Platform by providing your personal information, we may send you certain promotions, surveys, notifications, text messages, etc. We may also send you service related notices or notices regarding a change in any of our policies. If you no longer want to receive these notifications at any point of time, you may need to deactivate your account. We may also send you newsletter and blog notifications and you can also opt out of certain e-mail communications from us.
H. Disclosures

There may be some rare occasions when we may require disclosing your personal information due to regulatory or legal requirements. For such occasions, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required to comply with our legal obligations, including and not limited to complying with warrants, court orders, service of process requirements, or discovery requests. We may also disclose information about our users in the good faith belief that this information disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce the Terms and Privacy Policy to law enforcement officers or others. We may also do so in response to claims that any Content violates the right of third party/parties, to protect the property, rights and/or personal safety of AskHealer or its users. We may also disclose this information if we are in notice of any criminal activity being conducted via the Platform or the Service. According to this section, you understand and agree that we may not give you any prior notice or inform you after the disclosure is made.

Though we are not intended to, if substantially all of our assets are merged into another company or sold to some other company, the acquiring company shall be given the access to all your personal information and Content without your consent. Also, if we sell only a part of the Platform or make someone/ some company, our partner, the acquiring or the partner company shall have access to all your personal information without your consent and we may or may not send you a notice regarding this deal or sale.

While we don’t plan on it, AskHealer reserves the right to change the focus of the Platform, Service, website or any of its pages, shut it totally down and quit or change the Terms of use at any time.
I. Notification of Changes
AskHealer reserves the sole rights to change these Terms from time to time. We may or may not send you a notice before changing and about the material changes to these Terms, Privacy Policy or the Platform. You should keep yourself updated with the Terms of Use.
J. Disputes
Any disputes or claim related to your privacy are subject to these Terms, including and not limited to any provisions related to indemnification, limitations on damages, and choice of law and forum.
K. Contact Us
If you have questions or doubts regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact AskHealer via the e-mail –

Grievance Officer

If you have any grievance with respect to the Platform or the Service, you can contact us at:

Name: Onkarjot Singh
Designation: founder