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A Collective Effort

Hosting a webinar/workshop/ event?
Passionate about healing!
Connect with like-minded people in your area, share your knowledge and help them to lift up.
Enhance your events
Make your event geared towards getting off the ground and expand the reach.
Increase your clientele
Events are happening everywhere. Expand your network when partner with us.

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Are you an established corporate? If yes, then you can help us to boost our clientele by spreading word about us at your organization in your own way; in return, AskHealer will put your company logo on its website's home page under 'Corporate Supporters' for at least next 3-months; as simple as that.

We believe in stepping forward together because alone we can do so little, together we can achieve a lot. To be our corporate support partner please email us at

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Write a blog or a story
If you have some great content or a story that would you like to share with AskHealer readers? We got some great news for you. We accept guest blog posts for publishing on our website.
Blog context
Your blog must fall in one or more of these or a similar category: Spirituality, Life Growth, Healing benefits, Humanitarian or related to these in some way.
Your blog post must not be an advertisement for your product or a service or any event etc. It must be something that is intended to impart knowledge or share your life experience with the readers.

Your post must be original and not previously published anywhere else. Your personal experience on the topic is what makes your blog post interesting to a reader.

More ways to partner with us.

Refer and get a chance to build your karma

If you're a Healer or a Seeker! Invite your colleagues
Help us to onboard as many as healers and seekers you know personally and give them a chance to grow. We love to connect with like-minded people to make this world a better place.
Have another brilliant idea, we would love to hear!

May be your innovative idea change someone's life?
Share your creative ideas with us and let's stand together to step up this world to next level.
To share your brilliant ideas with us you can email us at We revert almost immediately.