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On a snowy evening at a university campus in Germany, Alicia is depressed and broken thinking she would end her life. May be perhaps some life saving guidance could help Alicia. What started as a market place website is now touching lives of people like Alicia.
Finding the way, Create Possibilities
Sometimes life is full of problems, we always look for a person who listen to our problems and help us to solve them. Through AskHealer, we're making a small effort to provide you that help without going anywhere - an opportunity to connect with these God gifted people (who we call healers), who can help you to repaint your life's story with the colors of success.
What we do
AskHealer offers an opportunity to healers to heal seekers from the comfort of their homes and build positive karma. So, via this platform healers & seekers get a chance to connect which make them more satisfied and all of us working together means we replace sadness with happiness.