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AskHealer is an online platform which aids seekers to put their lives back on track. It is the medium whereby seekers can select healers and therapists as per their needs and connect to them comfortably. World's finest healers and therapists render you with the excellent services to supervise your health, wealth, love, career etc. AskHealer aims to make your life happy, healthy, and peaceful. We guarantee you the maximum% satisfaction. WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?
A dear gift by the great almighty to mankind. One should be obliged to eternal almighty for this beautiful present and feel its pleasure. However, today's bitter truth is that despite enjoying this priceless gift, we waste most of our time in negative thoughts. As a matter of which, excessive work stress augments and lest a lot of our time with family. This heads us to depression, anxiety, deficiency in health and relationships. OUR OBJECTIVE
Our goal is to inject the dose of happiness in the life of every single human being on this planet. We would wish to vanish stress from everyone's life with the power of distance healing. We just desire of making this world an adequate place to live.
We carefully select our healers who are undoubtedly skillful in practicing various healing techniques and therapies like Physiotherapy, Crystal Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Astrology, Reiki, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Theta Healing, Chakra Healing, Past Life Regression, Dream Analyst, Palm Reader and many more.


How to choose a Healer

Who are Healers?
Healers are persons who have some special God gifted powers to understand others problems and can help them to solve by using various healing techniques without using medicines.
Types of Healers
Healers are of various types: Astrologers, Aura healers, Spiritual healers, Fortune tellers, Reiki healers, Numerologists, Chakra healers, Dream analyst, Energy healers, Face readers, Tarot card readers, Theta healers etc. Some healers may have inherent spiritual healing ability or they learn spiritual healing techniques from a parent or a guide.
How to recognize your soul needs healing?
Before choosing healer it's very important that you should know your real problem. Following are some ways which can help you to recognize your problems.
  • Identify your problems: First step is to identify your problem. So to identify your problems you should list down your problem areas. This will help you to recognize the main problem(s).
  • Structuring the problem: After identifying the problem, second step is "structuring the problem". Sometimes it will become apparent that what seems to be a single problem is more accurately a series of sub-problems.
  • Assessing your problem areas: In this step you have to think about maximum possible merits and demerits for all the possible alternative solution(s) that you list. Strike out options that don't work or the ones which are not useful for your life.
How to choose Healers?
Once you recognize your problem(s), it's easy for you to choose a right type of healer who can help you to sort out your problems by providing you the right guidance. When you decide about the healer, it is important to create a timeline of when you intend to achieve your ultimate goal. Here's how you choose a right healer:
  • Choose healers like you would any other professional
  • Do the healer's belief correlates with you?
  • Evaluate healer's profiles and shortlist ones you seem to resonate with.
The final decision is yours
Like many of us, you've likely been offered advice by a friend which didn't produce optimal results. Advising someone responsibly is the hardest part that requires spiritual maturity and services of a professional healer who can weigh the positive effects and negative consequences that each advice would bring.
Benefits of Healing
There are infinite benefits of healing. Following are some benefits of healing. Healing can:
  • Help you reduce stress levels without using medicines.
  • Sort out your relationship problems.
  • Help you to achieve your life goals.
  • Improve your work abilities by refreshing your brain.
  • Improve your self-confidence and determination level.
  • Make you a kind hearted person.
  • Help you to resolve family issues and unite your family again
  • Help you begin or accelerate your spiritual growth and emotional clearing.
  • Raise the vibrational frequency of the body
The Biggest Challenge to Spiritual Healing
The energy coming through the spiritual healer may be strong, but if seeker resists, then nothing will happen. Typical causes of resistance include a kind of fear of what's goings to happen i.e. fear of spiritual energy, and an internal doubt of your ability to absorb the healing energy. But now that you know what spiritual healing is all about, and what it can bring you for you, AskHealer hopes that you will be able to bypass such doubts or fears, and move on to receive the healing that your soul needs.