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: mom4four_2004@yahoo.ca Location : ORO-MEDONTE, Canada
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 10     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : CAD 80.00

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I bring about transformation and healing in my clients' lives.  I achieve this by creating balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul-and all the stresses, barriers and disconnections that my clients face begin to dissolve.  I help them learn to surrender and find peace within.  It's the inner re-connection with themselves that's key.

Healing is natural to me-it's my purpose in life.

Transforming and redirecting the lives of my clients is what it's all about for me.

And my clients trust me to help them on their journey because the first life that I ever turned around was my own!   I was stuck in a dead-end corporate job and worn down by stress. 

I have since become a Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Meditation Specialist and Sound Vibration Healer.  I work with my clients in-person and from a distance and these healing sessions are extremely powerful and effective.  

Whether my clients are working through a divorce, career transition, or trauma, they leave my sessions feeling deep relaxation and a safe warm connection within.  I work with men and women who are at a crossroads in their lives, or feeling overwhelmed with stress-and they need to reconnect with themselves.

How do I achieve this?  I am an empath.  I easily tune into how a client feels, what their blocks and fears are, and the sometimes hidden forces that motivate them.

Each individual is unique and no two sessions are alike.  I look forward to each client that comes through the door, knowing that through the work we do together, a new healing journey begins.

What I have learned is that personal healing is a lot of work.  It is emotional at times.  But I've also learned, from my own journey, that it is worth all the effort.  And that's exactly how I feel about every single client.

In my free time, I love to right my Harley through the countryside.

 Contact Info:

Jenn Prothero

17 Somerset Blvd

Oro Station On

L0L 2E0






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Testimonial-1Jenn came to clients house and set up the bowls for client to listen to.  Client quietly sat on the couch and got comfortable.  As the bowls began you could visibly see client beginning to relax but not falling asleep.  She was watching as Jenn was playing the bowls.  Client is typically someone who likes to move around a lot and when there are new items in her environment becomes very curious as to what they are.  Sometimes this is distracting to her and she cannot focus on anything other than these items.  However, client looked at the boxes but was more connected with the bowls and relaxing on the couch.  As the session progressed client became more and more relaxed.  And each  bowl client would react differently.  For example, when the throat chakra bowl was played client made a clearly distinctive noise.  This sound occurred every time this bowl was played.  It was almost as if she was attempting to mimic the noise the bowl was making.  It was very soothing and client seemed almost in sync with the bowls sound waves.  It was also interesting to see client pushing herself deeper into the couch cushions as the singing bowls came to end.  Jenn explained to us that this sound was known as the grounding noise.  It was a surreal experience to watch client.  I have supported client for almost 6 years and in this time I don’t believe I have witnessed the level of calm and relaxation that overcame client during this session.  Lisa

Testimonial-2Testimonial from a client last week. Love me work......I am so glad I went to Jenn for a singing bowls session. I have never done this type of healing before and Jenn made me feel comfortable right from the start by explaining exactly what the journey was going to be, what I should expect, and to relax and allow my mind and body to experience whatever came along. I have been having issues with stress, not sleeping properly, panic attacks, and general depression; which is the reason I was seeking a treatment that would help me relax and clear my mind and body. Jenn guided me through a journey that made me connect to what my body is feeling, about half way through the session I felt lighter and more relaxed than I have in months which was such a relief almost like a weight had been lifted as negative energy and thoughts were healed. After the session Jenn suggested ways to maintain this relaxed feeling with books to read, and meditation exercises to do which has really helped. I would strongly suggest asking Jenn for a singing bowls session to help you feel better, more relaxed and in tune with your energy. I can’t wait for another session with Jenn!