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: jaspreetbajaj@hotmail.com Location : Gurugram, India
Language Spoken : English, Hindi, Punjabi
Experience : Years - 11     Months - 08
Session Time : 0 to 30 Min
Rate : USD 25

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I am Holistic Well-Being Consultant!
By Profession, CERTIFIED Crystal Energy(Prana) Healer & AUTHORISED Trainer for the same!
Passionate about helping n improving lives of All those who connect to us! Everything is half physical n half Energy n when i understood this, wanted to share the knowledge with others.
Some areas of expertise/been successful in, are...
* Stress n Anxiety Relief!
* Bringing Self back to centre within!
* Physical Relief n improvement! From aches n pains, migraine, arthiritis, bp issues, heart issues, allergies n many more...
* Emotional Relief n improvement ! Overcoming depression, phobias, laziness, violence, fear n doubts, etc...
* Relationship Improvement!
* Bussiness Improvement & Profit!
* Prana Face-lift for improving apperance n evening out skin tone n wrinkles!
* Money n Abundance, Success n Growth in All spheres of life!
* Job procurement n Security!
When we align with the Universe, we can create a FANTASTIC Future for ourselves n the World!
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