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: Location : Bengaluru, India
Language Spoken : English
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Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
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WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION is a short and effective healing method meant for anyone looking to recover and heal from pain, disease, crises and difficult life situations. It teaches a complete healing and meditation process that awakens your soul power... a tremendous latent inherent power to heal diseases and negative health conditions, by aligning you in your conscious state with the healing light/vibration wave of the Universal Divine, the Source of all creation, of healing, and of love. It activates the power to reverse adverse situations, to cleanse energy blockages, to heal and to restore your vital life energies so life resumes its sound flow and creative pace. It is a simple yet profound natural healing method and is very suitable for beginners as well as those experienced in meditation. It is Spiritual/Divine Light Healing at its best!

White Light Healing Mediation was founded by Danya Basu, a clairvoyant healer and master teacher in Reiki, Angelic Healing and Buddha Meditation, who is specially gifted to heal with White Light, the ultimate, the most powerful and all-inclusive healing wave of the Universal Divinity or Super-consciousness. She uses this amazing spiritual gift to pass on the unique, short, safe, non-invasive healing method to students all over the world for pain relief, complete chakra healing and quick recovery, leading individuals to a healthier, happier life, joyful work experiences, fulfilling relationships and abundance. White Light provides total holistic healing, material abundance, and fosters spiritual progress, depending upon what the practitioner seeks in life.

Using her gift to heal with White Light Danya Basu provides healing sessions that relieve suffering individuals from painful conditions and diseases by channeling the phenomenal healing White Light to each of them irrespective of their locations across the globe. Danya has been providing healing sessions since the year 2000. The most frequent conditions Danya has healed completely with 100% recovery for her clients across USA, India, UK, UAE and other countries include cancer, post-surgery complications, recovery from conditions under critical/intensive care, side effects of chemotherapy and other strong treatments, meningitis, blood and hormonal disorders, herpes/shingles and other skin infections, severe allergies, mental-emotional agitation, severe depression with suicidal tendencies, stress and anxiety, migraine, phobias, lack of self-confidence, paranoia, insomnia and other sleep-related issues, arthritic pain, fracture healing and immobility. Other conditions she has healed facilitating significant improvement in the individual's physical and mental-emotional conditions include autism in children and teenagers, mending critical situations related to family, finance, career and education, and, enabling smooth completion of special events and milestone occasions in the lives of her clients.

 The White Light Healing Meditation practice consists of a ten minute daily healing meditation that is easy to learn even for those who are totally new to healing and meditation, a gentle, fast-acting and natural healing solution for complete MIND~BODY~SPIRIT cleansing, rejuvenation and empowerment. Regular practice of this magnificent healing meditation removes all existing negative conditions and protects the individual against negative forces. White Light heals universally across time, space, past, present and future.

The wonderful Healing Effects of White Light Healing ~ RETURN TO INNOCENCE MEDITATION...

Effects of this meditation deepen with every passing moment. The main purpose of this meditation is to create a state of total bliss, calm and utmost peace within through the mechanism of sitting with the thought of the White Light with a sincere intent and with the spirit of surrender to It. When the White Light practitioner experiences the perfect inner state induced by it even for a few minutes twice every day, ‘miracle healing’ takes place naturally, root causes of disease are reversed, and painful symptoms cease to exist.

White Light Healing Meditation is natural and safe for all. The only prerequisites to this course are... ~that the student must be fourteen years of age or older, and,

~willing to embrace the unconditional love and healing of the White Light.

The healing effects of White Light Healing ~ RETURN TO INNOCENCE MEDITATION are actually endless, however, the major ones are...

~ Instant inner calm and mental peace with spiritual healing ~ Fast Recovery & pain relief

~ Rejuvenation & enhancement of beauty

~ Heals depression and mental fatigue

~ Relief from stress, anxiety and restlessness

 ~ Anger management

~ Fast, sound sleep

~ Better health with increased immunity

~ Faster and better comprehension

~ Thought clarity and emotional balance

~ Sharp intuition

~ Positive thinking

~ Complete chakra healing

~ Heals energy imbalances at the chakras and restores smooth life energy circulation for faster materialization of ideas

~ Balances life energies across the chakras for perfect mind, body, soul alignment

~ Mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment

~ Aligns you with your innermost divine(higher) consciousness

~ Enormous improvement in your perception of the nature of situations and people and the reality behind each, and, sharpness of intellect

-Higher wisdom that guides you to the choices and actions that are most beneficial for you in all ways at every step in life

~Heals and repairs undesirable cellular memory to erase negative tendencies and unfavorable hereditary conditions of your mind and body

 ~ Elevates your experience of day to day life and enables a naturally joyful state in you

~ Manifests abundance in all areas of life including love, finances and health

~ Works phenomenally fast to heal sensitive individuals and children, teens and older ones with autistic ADHD and similar attention/behavioral issues, calming them down and enabling them to listen and follow instructions with increased ease, peace and patience.

This course includes:

~ A detailed White Light Healing Meditation Practice manual energized with healing vibrations for the reader, with simple instructions suitable for the beginner and advanced practitioner... All course related information will be emailed to students once they complete the course registration.

~ A special attunement by Danya Basu to align the student perfectly with White Light Consciousness,

  ~ Continued explanations and clarifications from Danya Basu via email/phone relevant to this practice as and when they need her guidance,

~ Future guidance related to their healing and meditation practices

To read about experiences of Danya’s White Light students please visit To inquire or register to Danya Basu's White Light Healing Meditation Course please email, or call 7899922051.

May White Light Grace shower upon all!...


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Testimonial-1When I first came across Danyas website, I was a bit skeptical about her and the attunement program she offers. My life was then a rollercoaster ride surmounting obstacles and predicaments every then and now with a toddler daughter with extreme speech delay and an ailing mother with violent outbursts as she cant cope with her disease. My fears were alleviated the first time I talked to Danya. She was so down to earth that I felt I was talking to my dearest friend. Thereafter she was always there to answer my doubts and queries however insignificant it may be. I received both Quan Yin and WLHM from her. All I can assure is that the journey I embarked thereon was a wonderful one. I send White light to my daughter everyday and she is also included in Danyas healing list. I could now see remarkable progress in her. All my fears tension ,anxieties are getting alleviated. Situations and circumstances which I earlier struggled with are improving in every way. Even my mother is very calm and serene which is nothing short of a miracle and my home is again the happy and peaceful space I have always prayed for. Thank you Danya for all the love and consideration extended to me and for rekindling my faith in the higher self and for opening up the realms of divinity to me.. Luv u always... ~ C S, India, April, 2019.

Testimonial-2I'm so grateful. I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation. When I had no friend to talk to, I could talk to Danya. I'm a very private person and it was so comfortable talking to her. Her soothing voice and emails of encouragement and hope left me with tears of joy and confidence that I would be alright. I got The White Light Healing Meditation Book a few days ago, I was up after 4am reading it a few nights ago... it is so enlightening! It has opened my eyes to know that everything I want is within me and all I have to do is look deep within no matter what it looks like on the surface. My daughter got a job, should be starting on Feb 12, what a joy! I thank her for keeping me in her free daily White Light Healing! Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you!" Love and Light! ~ P Pierce, USA

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