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: marit@maritfischer.com Location : Spokane, United States
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 3     Months - 6
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : USD 125

Energy Healing


Past Life


Spiritual Healing


Marit Fischer is a Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapist, Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist, high vibrational energy healer, and spirit release specialist. She is the Director of Soul Evolution Workshops through the Past Life Regression Academy — for which she also serves as a supervisor for students training to become therapists. She is also the Communications Director of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association — an International network of regression therapists who work cooperatively to share ideas and information to better serve clients, to conduct research in support of field advancement and further comprehension of human consciousness, and to promote regression therapy for widespread understanding and acceptance. Marit is also a professional member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

Marit offers long-distance high vibrational energy healing sessions and spirit release. Regression Therapy and Between Lives Spiritual Regression must be done in person. 

She is based in Spokane, Washington, where she welcomes clients from all over world. For more information, visit her at 
maritfischer.com, on Twitter (@Marit_Fischer and @SRTAssoc), and on LinkedIn and YouTube.

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