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: info@pureenergyacademy.co.in Location : Mumbai, India
Language Spoken : English Gujrati Hindi Marathi
Experience : Years - 10     Months - 5
Session Time : 0 to 30 Min
Rate : INR 10000

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Out of body

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Viral Manek is a spirited individual, an Entrepreneur, a Spiritual Coach and a Master Trainer NLP - NFNLP USA by profession. He has trained and worked with industry Leaders and Pioneers in the field of transformational healing through NLP and Alternative Healing over the past 15 years. He has received wide recognition for his innovation in the field of Pure Energy Healing and Meditation. He is well known for his unique contributions and achivements in : Inner Child Healing, Mid Brain Activation, Theta Healing, Money and Prosperity Consciousness Training. He is an active team member of Shunya - Path to Infinity which is collaborative healing modality. Viral believes that innovation, speed and simplicity are key for vision manifestation.
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