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AskHealer is an online platform which aids seekers to put their lives back on track. It is the medium whereby seekers can select healers and therapists as per their needs and connect to them comfortably. World's finest healers and therapists render you with the excellent services to supervise your health, wealth, love, career etc. AskHealer aims to make your life happy, healthy, and peaceful. We guarantee you the maximum% satisfaction. WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?
A dear gift by the great almighty to mankind. One should be obliged to eternal almighty for this beautiful present and feel its pleasure. However, today's bitter truth is that despite enjoying this priceless gift, we waste most of our time in negative thoughts. As a matter of which, excessive work stress augments and lest a lot of our time with family. This heads us to depression, anxiety, deficiency in health and relationships. OUR OBJECTIVE
Our goal is to inject the dose of happiness in the life of every single human being on this planet. We would wish to vanish stress from everyone's life with the power of distance healing. We just desire of making this world an adequate place to live.
We carefully select our healers who are undoubtedly skillful in practicing various healing techniques and therapies like Physiotherapy, Crystal Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Astrology, Reiki, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Theta Healing, Chakra Healing, Past Life Regression, Dream Analyst, Palm Reader and many more.

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: Location : Windsor, Canada
Language Spoken : English and more
Experience : Years - 40     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : USD 0

3rd Eye Clearing

Akashic Record Healing

Angel Reading

Animal Communication


Aura Healing


Crystal Healing

Dream Analysis

Energy Healing

Energy Healing (Animal)

Fortune Teller


Medical Intuition


Past Life

Psychic Mediums


Reiki (Animal)


Soul Reading

Spiritual Healing


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