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: healing@sterneborn.se Location : Vara, Sweden
Language Spoken : English, Swedish
Experience : Years - 1     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : EUR 75

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My avatar’s name is Christian, I was sent here from Andromeda to assist in the human & Gaia’s Assension/ Awakening process. This has been an intense and fast awakening process for me. I am humble, loving, ambitious and goal-oriented healer. My goal is to help the planet to raise the vibration so we can evolve to the next dimension and put an end to everyone’s suffering. If you want to develop and raise your consciousness and vibrations this is the time. You are reading this for a reason, your higher self maybe are trying to tell you something. I can help you to raise your vibration and become the powerful multidimensional light-being that you are and always has been. Love & Light Christian Sterneborn Energy Master/ Healer
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Testimonial-1Christian is such a kind soul. His good energy shines even when facebook messaging him. He's very responsive and incredibly helpful. He answered any and all questions I had quickly and kindly. I initially wanted to receive the Chakra & Kundalini Removal and, after speaking with him, he encouraged me to first receive a Matrix Unplugging. So I purchased the Matrix Unplugging and DNA Activation bundle and I am glad I did! I went through a lot of emotions during the session. I found myself feeling very angry and mistrusting for what I imagine to be about 30 or 45 minutes then towards the end, I started to feel my entire body tingle. Meditating is a lot easier for me, since receiving the Matrix Unplugging, and it is much more expansive and deep. Any time I settle down to meditate, I can still feel my body tingle and heal. One major thing I noticed is that my synchronicities seemed to have ramped up. Often times I'll just have a passing thought and within 24 hours (usually much less time) I see the manifestation of that exact thought or better. I have also noticed that my psychic abilities seem to be slowly but surely increasing in strength and accuracy. The impressions I feel in my gut are much louder and stronger, and it has only been two weeks! I imagine it won't be long before I'm seeing new parts of reality that I haven't seen before. I highly recommend everyone receive a matrix unplugging from Christian. It is a truly transformative experience and I am excited to see how my life changes within the coming months. I will submit another testimonial after I've finished with my DNA Activations. Thank you so much Christian! You are an angel! DMetrius Matrix Unplugging

Testimonial-2I was hesitant over laying down on my own for two hours. Would I make it? But time seased to be. The tap of healingpower was turned on as soon as the session started, and as clearly turned off when finished. So obvious there was healingwork being done! A bulldozer of heat and orange/red pressure treated different areas in my body, one at the time, seemingly by a pattern. Areas where I knew I had physical problems were being thoroughly worked on, and other places too. All I could do was to observe and receive, try to follow the process. At times the healing was so intense I got scared and had to ask Christ to hold my hand :-). But it was never more than I could take. Afterwords I felt quite normal, energized and well. Now, four days later, I still keep getting buzzes in my limbs, a crisp little tone is ringing in my ear and tinglings keep coming in my body. The healingprocess is obviously still going on! My aching left hip is totally well (!) no pain there anymore, and I feel peaceful and calm, freed from inner worries. Questions about what to do in life, why and where to go next are not so important anymore. I just am and that is enough. I need not to get answers and I need not to search, no need to even meditate! I feel as if I am taken care of, that I just need to be. A totally wonderful experience. And when I sit in this stillness, I receive more healing tingeing in my limbs. Wonderful! Like having a secret communication with a personal storage of healing power! I am amazed and greatly grateful for Christians powerful work and I look forward to keep enjoying life in a new, peaceful and painless way. Thank you! Kristina Matrix Unplugging