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: judit.starlight@gmail.com Location : Budapest, Hungary
Language Spoken : English or Hungarian
Experience : Years - 22     Months - 1
Session Time : 0 to 15 Min
Rate : EUR 22

Angel Reading


Energy Healing


Past Life

Psychic Mediums

Spiritual Healing


Hi All, I am a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor, a Consultant Facilitator of the Three in one Concepts. I am a Kinesiologist, psychic, a Certified Angel Practitioner, an Astrologist and I have learned many types of healing modalities. I also studied Dramatherapy, Art therapy, and Play therapy at University in the UK, so as Theta Healing, Reiki, etc. I am quite artistic, I sing, dance and play the flute at various events.

I work with individuals so as with groups in person, but I also do Angel reading and healing through Skype or phone. I have many mystical and spiritual experiences over the years... since I was 13 years old. 

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Testimonial-1"Hello Judit wow how amazing. You are an angel a wonderful and amazing angel that helps people. So sweet of you. Your reading was incredible and as I was reading it tears were coming out of my eyes for what you say is so true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to help me so much. It is so uplifting what you just said. You are so gifted. Take care. Love and light" Cintamani (Mauritius) “As I sit here with tears in my eyes, immense love and gratitude is flowing to you. You have no idea how healing this was for me. Thank you.” Doreen (US) “I really enjoyed the reading, it gave me confirmation of what I already knew/felt but also provided some more insight that actually helped me remember something from my past that I have blocked... I especially enjoyed the angel therapy as the results were instantaneous. Thanks so much!” Aga (Dublin, Ireland)

Testimonial-2"I had panic every time traveling on an airplane. I had only one session with Judit, and it worked brilliantly! At first I didn’t even realize that I was enjoying the flight! Since then I am always calm during flights." Nigel (Leeds) 
"Since I started Counselling I go out more, my outlook on life has brightened. I have crawled out of the valley of tears thanks to Judit." Helen (Glasgow) "Judit made me several yearly horoscopes. She has always been so accurate that I ask her to make me a prediction every year." 
Gabi (Budapest)