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: jennyb@wam.co.za Location : Cape Town, South Africa
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 20     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : USD 100

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Soul Reading

Spiritual Healing


I am a Soul who has been on the healing path for many decades... have studied various modalities: Rebirthing, Crystal healing, Numerology, NLP, Firewalking, Sacred Geometry, Jann Weiss Transformational Healing - have been initiated as a Melchizedek High Priestess through Anrita Melchizedek - and have been doing American Indian Sacred Path Card & Medicine Card readings since the early nineties. I now have over 22 Decks of Cards : Angel Cards, Archangel & Master Cards, Dragon Cards, ET Contact Cards,  which I utilize for my readings with people using the basis of the American Indian Cards as a structure.  I offer Spiritual Council and Facilitation to Clients via readings either in person or over Skype : The readings normal take between 1.5 to 2 hrs and are very informative, accurate and insightful to assist Clients on their journeys towards their own Ascension. 

I believe that we are all ascending at this point in time as is our beloved Gaia Earth also Ascending and we are going through tremendous transformational change and I am here to assist with that change and be a Lightworker  towards facilitating people on their Path to being more of that which we are as Souls Animating Human Bodies and becoming that embodiment - thereby Creating Heaven on Earth through transformation....becoming Unity Consciousness. 

I AM - YOU AM - WE AM...

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