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: *************@yahoo.com Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Language Spoken : english,romanian,french
Experience : Years - 1     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : USD 80

Emotion/Body Code



My name is Alina Alexandra Machita and I'm a certified Emotion Code practitioner based in Dubai.From a young age I had a determination to achieve something great.This,alongside a passion and commitment to help those around me to improve their own lives,has given me the knowledge of healing my own wounds and well being first.Being dissatisfied with my own life ,feeling trapped inside a world that brought little gratification,feeling lost and without any direction I start my journey through my own healing ,knowing that my emotions play a huge role in my day to day life and other's life.Compassion made me understood the cause of other's people suffering,trauma,their physical pain and emotional pain due to their past events by knowing how it feels to be trapped in an emotional trauma ,struggling with anxiety and depression for almost 3 years ,give me the urge to improve other's people lives so they can never feel the same again. My healing journey led me to study the Emotion and Body Code by DR Bradley Nelson in USA,since then,for almost 1 year I'm helping and working with people from around the world ,improving their emotional well being,removing their heart walls,relationships,depression,anxiety and physical pain. I feel that healing is a sacred calling for yourself and others for our own soul evolution and expansion.
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