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: *************@abundanthealingwisdom.com Location : Brisbane, Australia
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 9     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
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Helena is a gifted Spiritual Healer, Medical Intuitive and Past Life Regression Practitioner based in Hamilton, Brisbane, in south east Queensland, Australia.

She is a highly respected energy healer who works with integrity and professionalism with each client whether it be a personal consultation face to face, or a remote energy healing session with clients around the world. Helena is a channel who works with her Spiritual Guides as she energetically connects with her clients and uses her gifts to help clients to heal on a deep level. All physical ailments stem from emotional thoughts and beliefs. Some may stem from past lives which may be carried into this lifetime from which to learn from, others are impeded within our cellular memory from childhood experiences. Deep healing begins with firstly recognising this connection, acknowledging it, accepting it and then be willing to release it with some assistance. This is healing on a wholistic level. 

Helena uses various modalities and techniques within her practice including all aspects of Spiritual Healing, Medical Intuition, channelling, Pranic Healing, TFT, Numerology, Crystals, Essential Oils as well as her intuitive gifts of seeing, knowing and feeling.

Remote Spiritual Healing sessions can be ordered through her website https://www.abundanthealingwisdom.com/remote-spiritual-healing/

Personal appointments can be made through Helena's contact form https://www.abundanthealingwisdom.com/contact/

or via mobile/cell +61 7 0409456689

Your body is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs...so what thoughts created your illness?


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Testimonial-1Helena, is a genuine, kind and compassionate spiritual healer. I recently had a remote healing from her and it has been life changing! The best decision of my life to get this healing/reading. After the healing I received a detail report identifying the underlying cause of my physical problems. What I didn't realise what I had unresolved emotions involving my family members. I talked to my family about these emotions and we have all healed from this communication :) Before this I always felt a bit distant from them even though I would see them often, but now I have the love from them that I never felt as a child :) - DEREK, NEW ZEALAND

Testimonial-2“Last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. My world exploded. My brain refused to work and terror filled my heart. I couldn’t breathe. Somehow through this nightmare I stumbled my way into connecting with Helena Lancaster and I could breathe again. I remember the first day I met Helena so vividly. I stood shaking with horror and fear outside her front door and she gently led me inside to her energy healing room. I was so terrified I couldn’t speak to tell her why I was there but I felt an immediate warmth and kindness flowing from her and somehow I knew she was the right person to help me. Helena knew why I was there. She said “You have cancer don’t you Liz.” And all I could do was sob. I had no knowledge or expectations of spiritual healing prior to meeting Helena. She taught me so much about the realm of spiritual guides, Angels, healing energy and how stagnant and blocked energy can lead to disease. Helena connected me with my own loving guide who was an invaluable comfort and inspiration during my terrifying journey of chemotherapy and radiation. Throughout this ordeal Helena was a constant source of support and healing energy and at all hours of the day and night she would send me inspirational messages and images to help me hold on to my belief in life and energy healing. With Helena’s help I gradually understood how cancer had been able to take hold in my body and she helped me profoundly in reconnecting with my own spirituality. Helena’s energy healings have connected me with the world I previously knew and went away from. I came home to myself again and my intuition has returned. I now have faith I can handle whatever comes my way and Helena has been a shining light and inspiration in my time of greatest need. It is with love and gratitude that I invite others who are in need of energy healing to contact Helena and experience for themselves her gentle and gifted energy healing abilities. And I am very pleased to shout from the rooftops that I am now cancer free!” — LIZ, QLD, AUSTRALIA