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: christina@reikihealing.org.uk Location : Brighton, United Kingdom
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 27     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : GBP 50

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As a healer my greatest joy comes from inspiring and helping you to become the empowered, optimistic, healthy and happy individual that you wish to be.

I believe true happiness comes from the freedom to be who we are without judgement from ourselves or others. I want to encourage you to love and accept yourself fully; to be true to who you are.

Within a non judgmental healing environment I aim to provide you with the chance to honestly express your feelings and fears, to heal them and to then give you the tools to take with you to continue your growth outside of the healing session.

I am an intuitve healer which allows me to work with you as an individual using empathic skills to locate the areas of your body or life that need healing. Together miracles can be created.

I believe that we are all the masters of our own lives and as such have the power and ability to shape our lives in the manner we choose.

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Testimonial-1I just wanted to say thank you for an inspirational two days. You are such a warm and lovely person and I learned so much about reiki and myself over this time. For the first time in, probably, years I feel hopeful and am looking at myself differently.

Testimonial-2Christina has given me many reiki sessions over many years, her healing abilities have helped me to gain my true life path. The sessions have healed and guided me and I would highly recommend her to any one looking for healing or spiritual guidance.