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: luma.healers@gmail.com Location : Cork Ireland, Wordwide
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 5     Months - 10
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
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Energy Healing

Energy Healing (Animal)




Nobody and nothing can heal you! No doctor, no shaman, no herb, nor medicine. Your body heals itself. All you need to do is to make it possible. Human body can heal from 99% of diseases if it's nourished with food dedicated for humans, it's cleansed of acids and toxic waste. Having this simple, yet powerful principle we (myself and my wife Maria) have developed LUMA Healing Protocol. We helped many people already. 100% of those who follow the protocol are experiencing health improvement or just complete healing. LUMA Healing Protocol includes Iridology Reading, Dietary Change guidance, Regenerative Detoxification, Energy Healing, Custom Herbal Formulas, Recall Healing, Support-Until-Healed approach. We accept free donations, paid only if you feel we helped you. We take care of you online, worldwide.
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Testimonial-1The healing I received was amazing. My sister who was terminally ill introduced me and she is now very much alive and her condition halted. The sports injuries I had, that were treated were fixed, and the information on what to eat and supplements to take were hugely beneficial. I thoroughly recommend them to everyone lucky enough to read this. Thank you for all the help. ~ Michael L.

Testimonial-2Just want to let people know that they wont be disappointed if they visit Luma Bio Energy healers, i visited and completed a four day therapy session with them recently and i have been feeling amazing ever since. The day i arrived for my first session i had a headache which was gone by the end of the twenty minute session! I had also been complaining of sore joints every morning, which i had suffered with for over two years, and as of time of writing this i havent had one pain in the morning yet. I would recommend everyone avail of this at least once to see the benefits in their lives as a result. more and more people are becoming aware of this form of healing that can be used in conjunction with mainstream medicine, and has been used in different forms for thousands of years, i would recommend Luma to everyone, they have a lovely caring approach and are so kind and caring and always willing to help in any way they can. ~ Karen C.