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: Location : Quinns Rocks, Australia
Language Spoken : english,dutch,swiss german,german
Experience : Years - 10     Months - 2
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : AUD 150

Animal Communication

Energy Healing (Animal)

Spiritual Healing


Christina Burki is a Swiss-Dutch animal communicator who has been a leading professional in her field since 2009. Currently based in Australia, she grew up in the Netherlands where her house was situated close to the ocean and many farms.   Growing up, her life always involved animals and that is when she learned how to create a deep connection with animals and trust them. Christina knew she could always trust animals!

Her calling came after attending several animal communication workshops where she honed her skills. While Christina is very much self-taught, she has also worked with a renowned animal communicator as her mentor especially to develop the animal communication trainings she offers. With an aim to create an everlasting bond between humans and animals, she has dedicated more than a decade to this endeavor.

Not only is she an animal communicator but she is also an internationally trained and accredited Gestalt psychotherapist. She is registered as a clinical member of the PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia) and of GANZ (Gestalt Australia and New Zealand).

Being a psychotherapist helps her analyze past traumas and give trauma therapy to animals as well. Sometimes animals are mirrors of the owners. They love their owners so much that they start taking on their problems. If the owner is willing to work on his/her problem, she can work as psychotherapist with the human and as an animal communicator with the animal, at the same time. Often the result is that the animal can let go of the problem/illness/sadness, along with the owner.

With this unique combination of skills, she provides a truly fruitful experience to the animal and human both!

Her work spans various countries where she provides training to budding animal communicators via online classes and physical classes. Ever since the inauguration of Animal Connect in 2009, she has successfully communicated with over a thousand animals and documented a positive change in almost all cases. Affirmative testimonies from clients on the official Animal Connect website allude to Christina Burki’s status as a premier, bona fide animal communicator.

Among other professional undertakings, Christina’s expertise has led her to be featured on animal communication pioneer Penelope Smith’s directory of internationally renowned animal communicators

She recently addressed an enthusiastic crowd at the Asia for Animals Conference in Nepal where her innovative poster presentation was featured.


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Testimonial-1Listen always to your horse Picture I would like to thank you Christina for your kindness and help with my mare recently. Her aggression and unpredictable behaviour had become extreme and she faced an uncertain future. With your intuitive help we were able to save her. She has been happily reunited with her breeder who still owns the mares mother and Aunty. ​Although my decision to send her back understandably wasn't popular with everyone, i felt this is what the horse need, which she communicated to you. To hear that when she arrived home, she went straight to her mother was just beautiful. I miss her but she was an unhappy horse trying to communicate her feelings. Horses have been some of my greatest teachers, this mare has taught me, that aggression and fear come from desperation and to always listen to my horses.

Testimonial-2Our much loved anxious aggressive border collie Picture After bringing home our 8 week puppy from our chosen breeder we never knew exactly what we were in for. Doing all the right things your supposed to do by raising a pup, our little River strongly showed signs of aggression and anxiety first noticable at 4-5 months old. She only got worse from then. We couldn't understand why she would suddenly behave so aggressive towards us and her family and friends when all we could show her was love. We had a couple of behaviourists come out and tell us different ways to teach her and prevent the issues. That was fine, but they weren't able to get into her head to tell us why she feels that way and how exactly she would like us to help her. We got to the point where River had become so unpredictable and unsafe where we needed to consider euthanasia as an option, as for her to live this way also couldn't be a very enjoyable life for a pup. One of Rivers issues was her personal space bubble. She did not feel comfortable with anyone or anything invading her space, this could be picking up a pen off the ground near her..attack, plucking grass near her..attack, touching her..attack, a cat walking past..snap. River had would try to attack us as her owners, anyone who touched her the wrong way or even longer than 1 or 2 seconds, she was unsafe with kids, being close to their face level, our cats approaching her, some dogs, not to mention food aggression. We couldn't even sit down on the grass and relax with her without watching her face for signs of discomfort, which was always. She did not like being too close to anyone and would cause harm and injury if she felt the need (back then, a few times a week) Besides all this, deep down River is so incredibly amazing, super smart, sensitive, funny, playful, social (unfortunatly her anxieties would always get in the way of this bit). She excels in obedience, agility, ..herding was another story, she did try many classes, but we will probably go back when she has matured and gained more confidence. Either way we could see her true colours and knew she wasn't a nasty dog, just a misunderstood confused pup trying to fit in with todays human world. River was just over a year when we first contacted Christina and she had her first communication. Over the next 6 months not only did Christina become her very special friend that we could never be, but we learnt so much more about River and how she would like us to be with her. I realised alot of what River was feeling reflected my emotions and how I was also feeling. We learnt why she didn't like to be touched. Christina would always do meditation with River and River always was very relaxed and unusually happy after her communications. Rivers healing took many months and from start to finish Christina was very supportive, trustworthy, kind and loving. She even took the time to come out to meet River in person. That made River very happy! It was very warming to know that our late border collie would lay with her and give her love at those times she needed it most It took a while, we knew nothing was never going to be a quick fix and there was alot of work on our part also, we may always be doing things differently for River, but that is ok because now we understand her and she will always be worth it. We also took advice from our vet, River takes chinese herbs everyday, we also had the help of flower essences. But I would definatly say with out Christina we would not have our beloved River today. River is a much more happier, relaxed, lovable dog. She is also much more confident, centred & secure. For me, she is the perfect dog! Thank you Christina!!! Judith & River Australia