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: meagan@mindfulhealingtoolkit.com.au Location : Melbourne, Australia
Language Spoken : English
Experience : Years - 1     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : AUD 195

Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Healing

Past Life


Do you want to improve your health by resolving traumas that have kept you stuck? Our technique will help you within minutes with effective and long lasting results?

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Testimonial-1“I was honoured to meet Meagan and lucky enough to be able to have two EFT sessions with her in the past few weeks. I was very nervous to meet Meagan and do EFT with her. I felt withdrawn and shy and maybe even sceptical. Meagan is so kind, empathic and made me feel free to talk. I had some things not very nice to share with her and not once did I feel judged by Meagan. I had been on anti-depressant medication for 8 years to control anxiety, OCD and depression. I saw Meagan the first time and when I left I was overcome with a feeling that was lacking emotion, I felt like something was missing. The next thing I knew I had driven straight to my doctor’s clinic without even questioning and requested help to stop taking my medication I had been hiding behind. I felt like the medication was completely blocking my memories and my emotions, leaving me helpless almost to deal with what was upsetting me deep inside. I could not believe that I had issues that had been causing me trauma for 12 years and they could be released through EFT. When I left Megan I found myself listening to music that gave me traumatic memories, however after EFT that is all I wanted to do. I was able to once again enjoy this music. The week went by and coming to see Meagan the second time I was very emotional. Meagan helped me with that and I actually left her feeling ok and far less emotional. The next day I felt AMAZING. I was peaceful, calm and happy. EFT has made me realise that I AM OK! That I can work through emotions to events/triggers and how I react to them. It’s made me feel like I am free – that I don’t have to hide or be ashamed and that I can love myself. Meagan has an amazing way with people, I would recommend Meagan to anyone. Thanks again Meagan!”

Testimonial-2“A self confessed chocoholic. My ultimate craving since having my baby 6 weeks ago was Arnott Mint Slice biscuits I came and saw Meagan for a trial a week ago to tackle my craving and addiction and I am surprised but also ecstatic to report that I have not had one biscuit since our session! Meagan is fantastic. She is warm and accomodating and made me feel at ease so quickly and effortlessly. I was really apprehensive about the session and also skeptical. But in our discussion between tapping there were some personal revelations and some laughs (from me). It was quite enjoyable. Once we finished and when I thought about the mint slices, as asked There was a sense of dullness. I didn’t NEED the biscuits. I took the biscuits home and popped them in my fridge. I saw them there and felt that same dullness. I could leave them there and did. It’s been a week now and I still have not felt the need to have them. My partner opened them and left half a packet and I still didn’t need them or really want them as i desperately did before. I haven’t eaten a mint slice in a week! Absolutely amazing!! Thanks Meagan for an amazing experience and result. I’ll be back! Highly recommended, from a skeptic-no more. ☺”