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: claudiazamora@live.de Location : FAYETTEVILLE, United States
Language Spoken : English/ Spanish
Experience : Years - 20     Months - 0
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : USD 72

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I specialize in: Life Coaching Counselling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki Healing, Emotional transformation Therapy, Holographic Tarot Therapy With more than 18 years of experience in the area of mental, emotional and spiritual awakening, healing and transformation my passion is to assist those ready for deep healing find their way back to health and balance. I have always been fascinated by people’s behaviors and use my wisdom, compassion and intuition to guide my clients to wellness. I draw not only on my professional skills, but also on my own personal experiences of life’s pain and transformation to help empower my clients to be able to draw on their own innate healing abilities. I assist my clients to grow and learn the necessary skills to enable them to make the changes they seek to improve their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. I have four grown up children and I am aware of the pressure and joy that come with combining work, parenting and relationships on a day to day level. Understanding our emotional needs and recognizing our mental patterns can allow us to change at the deep level that allows for new behaviors to be embraced and therefore achieve positive results. Counselling is a way of addressing and resolving issues. It can involve identifying options and choosing between them, learning new skills to cope better with problems, gaining greater understanding of what is occurring, or being supported while recovering from some significant life event. Counselling is a collaborative process that involves the development of a unique, confidential healing relationship. The counsellor acts as a facilitator in helping clients to understand feelings, behaviors, relationships with others, situations, choices and decisions. Further, the counsellor offers a safe, confidential and non-judgmental context in which clients can: Gain clarity and perspective on the issue, receive the support they need to resolve issues and make decisions Deal with negative feelings and emotions.
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