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: energyhealsusie@gmail.com Location : New York, USA
Language Spoken : English and Spanish
Experience : Years - 11     Months - 5
Session Time : 0 to 1 Hr
Rate : USD 150


Crystal Healing

Energy Healing (Animal)




I am an energy healer, I work mainly to balance and restore the energies in our chackras. I believe that by clearing blockages and balancing theses 7 chackras we can enjoy a healthier well being and allow our bodies to accelerate the healing process. I use different healing methods like Reiki, crystal healing and practice A.M.A.H.T (Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques) on all my sessions as an alternative way to address any health issues you may be experiencing. Besides helping the body, I also offer services to clear spaces from negative energies blocking the flow of peace and prosperity in your home or offices. Lastly I offer spiritual coaching where I can work with my guides to help you with questions troubling your life. I am here to help and hope to meet you on the near future. Love & Light
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